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[at-l] Jan 25

For those who intend to show up at Harpers Ferry on Saturday -

I talked to Laurie at ATC yesterday and they'll be open at least by
noon - and probably earlier.   I asked her if someone could give a
short pitch about the ATC and specifically about safety on the Trail
and the situation as they see it.   Other than that there doesn't seem
to be any structure, which should give everyone some time to talk
and maybe get some questions answered.

I'd suggest maybe pizza afterwards?   There's a pizza place about
a block from ATC HQ.   Some of us have rooms at the Hilltop House
for Sat night so we'll probably continue there.  Ginny and I still have
room for at least 1 person if anyone needs a place to stay.

For those who want to know the "real" weight of some of your
equipment, I''ll drag a couple scales (2# and 20#) along.  If you
want to weigh your whole pack I think the ATC has a scale.

Also, Firefly may have her slides together by then.  I'd like to
see them too.  In any case, I'll also bring mine - got a slide
projector last night and this seems like a good way to test it.

GInny and I ARE gonna hike on Sunday - somewhere.  Probably
on the AT after breakfast at Cindy D's.   If anyone wants to
join us, you'd be welcome.

OK - gotta go to a meeting so we'll see y'all on Saturday.

Walk softly,

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