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Re: [at-l] Tent Questions

In a message dated 97-01-21 19:38:29 EST, you write:

<< Walrus Swift owners----how do you like this tent?   Is it relatively easy 
 to set up?  How many pegs are needed, and how heavy are they (would Easton 
 pegs make a significant weight savings)?  Does the fly attach to the same 
 pegs/lines as the tent, or it's own?  How does it do in heavy rain or wind?

i have the w.swift and used it extensively all summer.  great little tent.
 i'm 5'6" and can barely sit up in the thing which is no huge deal.  plan on
sleeping in it not doing aerobics.  as far as pegs, 4 for the tent itself and
2 for the fly (or is it 3?).  the fly uses clips to attach to the 4 corners
of the tent itself and the 2 pegs for either end.  i abused the pegs it came
with and they're all bent up and worthless for the most part.  trying to bang
them into frozen ground is not adviseable.  if i can find eastons to replace
them i will.  spent many a night in the pouring rain and the fly did it's
job.  the factory sealed seams seem pretty bomb-proof.  the only time i ever
got wet was when my feet scrunched up against the end of the thing.  camping
on a slope also not smart.  the only complaint i have is that the fly is hard
to attach unless you have it set perfectly.  i've gotten pretty pissed off at
the thing esp. when it's raining and the last thing i want to do is fart
around with a picky fly.  wind has also not been a problem nor has
ventilation.  rolling the fly up at the foot end keeps air moving well (w/
the mess top air flow isn't really a problem).  all in all, i'm happy with

good luck!
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