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[at-l] Minimal Clothing for Springer in March

What is the least clothing you would consider carrying for a Springer
Mountain start in mid March (not this year, alas)?


Based on the Blairsville, GA info from


and adjusting for altitude, I'd guess that the lowest temp I'd have to
worry about would be around 0, and that the lowest "hiking" temperatures
would be somewhere in the 20's.  The average minimum temperature (in the
mountains) looks to be in the mid twenties, and the average high
temperature somewhere in the fifty degree range.

Would an early March start change anything?

What about late March/early April?

On the assumption that I can crawl into my sleeping bag as soon as I hit
camp, would I be crazy to carry the following, pretty minimal, set of
clothes and sleeping gear?

Basic hiking clothes:
	running shorts (3 oz)
	coolmax t-shirt (5 oz)

Rain & wind protection:
	Gore-Tex parka (23 oz)
	supplex nylon long pants (11 oz)
	supplex nylon long sleeved shirt (@ 10 oz, estimated)
	beaked cap (3 oz)
	shell mittens (3.5 oz)

Insulation (rest stops & camp):
	mid-weight fleece top (16 oz)
	light weight balaclava (2 oz)
	mid-weight fleece hat (2 oz)
	windblock fleece gloves (3 oz)

Camp cloths & colder than expected hiking conditions:
	mid-weight longjohn top (10 oz)
	mid-weight longjohn bottom (9 oz)

Sleep gear:
	20 degree down bag (3 lbs 3 oz)
	bivy sack & small tarp (@ 3.5 lbs - estimated)

Total clothing weight: < 6.5 lbs

I'm pretty sure I would be fine while hiking (I'm good in a pair of
long-johns, long pants, and a parka to a little below zero), but is there
some reason I should carry more?

Other items that I've considered carrying (not all together) are:

	primaloft vest (14 oz)
	fleece pants (14 oz)
	light weight long johns (7 oz + 6 oz)
	rain pants (14 oz)
	micro-fleece shirt (unknown weight, but probably 12oz or so)
	liner for the sleeping bag (unknown weight, but not much)


-- Jim Mayer
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