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[at-l] plantar fascitis

In a message dated 97-01-21 21:56:04 EST, you write:

<< A common problem I saw this past season among
 thru-hikers was plantar fascitus (sp?).  >>

i have chronic p. fascitis, chronic because when the doc told me to stop
hiking this summer i said, 'shya, as if'.  it's pain i've learned to deal
with, albeit a nasty freakin place to have pain.  i'll be curious to see how
a thru-hike effects it.  to tell you the truth, i'm more worried about the
quad tendonitis that i also acquired this summer.  maybe i'll include my
'most painful part of the bod' entry for my wingfoot posts while i'm out

oh, btw, the ups man just dropped off my new FF bag.  yummmmy.  of course now
i have to eat it because i have no money for food for the next 2 weeks.  
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