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[at-l] Ode To A Pennsylvanian Rock

Excerpt From Chapter 7 "Fear and Loathing on the Appalachian Trail":

        Poems I have written while in a bivysack, in a rainstorm, with a

                        Ode To A Pennsylvanian Rock

                Glacial erratics, stationary statics, Sons of 
                Boulders are thee !
                I think we shall ship you,
                ** Watch Out - They Will Trip You **
                Back to Bedrock it will be.
                Won't Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty
                and all the family, be jumping for joy,
                "Look Ma the toys!"
                 And we will be rid of thee

                                        The Bamaman


              1.  I am not sure we can accept these for shipment - UPS Driver

              2.  I believe we may have a copyright infringement action
here.  I.B. Sueinyou, Counsel, Hanna Barbara Inc.

                3. Yes, I do believe The Bamaman was in a Marmot Bivy Sack
when this poem was composed however, we accept no responsibility for his
mental state and deny using any harmful seam sealer on this item.  John R.
Marmot. CEO Marmot Mountainworks

David S. Severance
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