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[at-l] pain, pack covers, and HP

On the foot pain issue:

	A common problem I saw this past season among
thru-hikers was plantar fascitus (sp?).  It was described to me
a hot knife in the ball of your foot, that after a long day
could take over your whole foot.  At least 5 people out of my
little group of 12 or so in the last 1000 miles had this
problem.  Several went to see doctors and were told to stop
walking.  This advice doesn't go over too well with thru-hikers
in mid-Massachusetts.  TO relieve some of the pain and keep
hiking they were told to use anti-inflammatories (Advil) when
it got bad, and to try keeping it elevated at night and
stretching well in the morning.  Cold water rinses helped too.
But if you take Advil, don't take too much for too long cause I
know lots more people who had stomach problems from it.

On the pack cover issue:

	For the first 1000 miles I used an EMS coated nylon
cover.  It leaked a little and got small pin holes quickly.
FOr the second 1000 miles I used an ATC reversible cover.  IT
WAS AWESOME and I highly recommend it.  It is not, by far, the
lightest pack cover I have ever seen, but it is amazingly
strong and waterproof.  It is black outside, hunter orange
inside, which you may not think about but isn't a bad idea when
running aroudn during hunting season.  I can't count how many
intoxicated hunters I ran into.  I used that pack cover for
everything.  It was a seat on wet ground, a coat against the
wind, an extra layer for warmth in the Whites, a waterproof
bottom layer for my down sleeping bag when my seam seal on my
tent wore off, and my more.  Plus, with the bright orange, I
was noticed and got hitches into town very quickly.  I also
looked festive on the 4th of July.  :)

And finally...

	The 25th is nearing and I realized I didn't know
anything definite except that we were meeting sometime on
Saturday in Harpers Ferry.  ANybody got an idea on time?  I'm
assuming the headquarters, but tell me otherwise if not.  

I think back to the trail more every day.

GA -> ME '96
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