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Re: [at-l] two questions

Martha Montague wrote:
>   I have two different and completely unrelated questions for you
> guys. The first one is about my knees, and I'm afraid this one might
> have been asked before, and I might not have paid attention :) I have
> gotten tendonitis before in them, and I think I might just have gotten
> it again after the great backpacking trip I went on this weekend. So I
> was wondering what exercizes would be good to strengthen my knees
> before hiking the AT so that nothing goes wrong with them.

Please note that I am not, NOT a doctor and any advice I give is based on
my own experience and research etc. Tendonitis occurs when your tendon
become inflamed for long periods of time. This indicates some type of
damage to the tendon itself. Repeated high stress on the tendon can cause
it as well as general over-use. Excercises are focused on strengthing
muscle, tendon strength and growth happens much,much slower than muscular
growth, so in effect you can actually increase your chances of tendonitis
by excercising too hard/often/much. The question is, are your knees just
sore for a few days (not likely tendonitis)  after a stressful hike, or do
they stay sore and aggravated for a month? 
     I had severe tendonitis three times, once from weight lifting (in my
wrist) once from playing guitar! (in my index finger) and once from rock
climbing (in the fingers again). The best treatment I found was to first
and foremmost don't put any strain on the tendon (hardest one to get to
heal was the guitar one, I just couldn't quit playing for a week or more)
and try a hot/cold flush treatment. The idea is you submerge the bad
tendon area in alternating pots/tubs of ice water and hot water, you keep
it submerged in each for a minute or two, then switch, repeating the cycle
several times. The concept is that by dilating then constricting the blood
flow you get a sort of flushing motion that helps remove bad buildups and
brings the nourishing/heling blood into the area. It feels weird when you
switch bewteen the tubs, but afterwards it feels great.

> The other question was something I've been wondering about for a
> while. I've read Wingfood's thu-hiking guide book and it says which
> towns have white gas on sale. Since I've never seen white gas sold in
> 11 to 22 oz quantities, I was wondering if most stores let you buy
> part of a gallon container, so you can just resupply for the week.

some places will sell it by the ounce, in Wingfoots book it mention this
where it applies.

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