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[at-l] Tent Questions

Walrus Swift owners----how do you like this tent?   Is it relatively easy 
to set up?  How many pegs are needed, and how heavy are they (would Easton 
pegs make a significant weight savings)?  Does the fly attach to the same 
pegs/lines as the tent, or it's own?  How does it do in heavy rain or wind? 

Also, does anyone have a Eureka Zephyr (1-person freestanding)?   I'm not 
crazy about Eureka's tents, but the freestanding feature is 
appealing--though a netting-topped version would be even more appealing.  
They rate this at 3# 11 oz , but I don't know if that includes lines/pegs. 
(Same questions as above).


----Bert Ewing,  Eugene OR
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