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Re: [at-l] two questions

In a message dated 97-01-21 19:18:00 EST, you write:

<< So I
 was wondering what exercizes would be good to strengthen my knees
 before hiking the AT so that nothing goes wrong with them. >>

If you have access to a weight machine, do the one where you sit and stretch
out your legs with weights on top and the one where you have to curl your
legs, with the weights below your legs.  I can't think of what the machines
are called, sorry I can't be more descriptive!!  I've got this pamphlet
thingy the PT (and my orthopod) gave me as I was rehabbing my knee to do at
home, but I can't think of the others, and I can't describe them well enough
to make much sense!!  Oh yeah, do knee bends/dips off a stair.  Ok, this is
all really random, so I'll talk to y'all later.  ---Kristin  =)  (aka
Viper7997@aol.com  http://members.aol.com/viper7997/cover.htm)
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