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[at-l] two questions

  I have two different and completely unrelated questions for you
guys. The first one is about my knees, and I'm afraid this one might
have been asked before, and I might not have paid attention :) I have
gotten tendonitis before in them, and I think I might just have gotten
it again after the great backpacking trip I went on this weekend. So I
was wondering what exercizes would be good to strengthen my knees
before hiking the AT so that nothing goes wrong with them.

The other question was something I've been wondering about for a
while. I've read Wingfood's thu-hiking guide book and it says which
towns have white gas on sale. Since I've never seen white gas sold in
11 to 22 oz quantities, I was wondering if most stores let you buy
part of a gallon container, so you can just resupply for the week.

Well, that's all my questions for now. Thanks for the help :)

					-Martha Montague
 					ME -> GA '98
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