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[at-l] questions

Dan Chatham asked:

- - Can the length be done in 3 months, solo?

Consider the distance - 2100 miles.  To finish in 90 days requires an
average of 25 miles a day over some very rough ground.    If you want to
enjoy your trip and only have the summer to do it, consider doing it in two
summers.  Why kill yourself?  Take some time and have a good trip and you
are less likely to injure yourself or get bored.  A killer pace is not only
physically but mentally exhausting.

- - What range of weather can be expected GA>ME from mid-may to Labor Day?

Hot up to New England and very humid.

- - How far apart are the average food drops, in days or miles at a quick
With a 12 mile pace, food drops were every 4 or 5 days.

- - Has anyone out there been successful with only 4 months planning?
I did it with 3 weeks notice the second time, and about 4 months the first
time.  Get the planning guides from ATC, Wingfoot and others have done all
the work for you.

- - How bad is the humidity?
The south in the summer can be very hot and humid.  In the mountains the
weather varies day by day.  Also there is a lot of undergrowth by summer in
the south.

- - What is the most elevation gained in one stretch?
Define stretch.  The AT has a lot of short ups and downs.  Up 500 down 500
up 500 down 500.  If you are doing long miles, it adds up very quickly.  For
concentrated climbs, the Whites are the steepest, especially the Carter
Moriahs - down 1100' in less than a mile, then up 1200' on the other side,
In a 12 mile stretch, I think there was at least 6000' up and down -- maybe
more.  It was not easy!

Ginny O.  AT 88 and 92
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