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[at-l] car flip-flopping

I guess I wasn't real clear on this.  I didn't mean using the cars to
slack pack, rather leave a car one week (or thereabouts) ahead, and one
at the start point.  When you arrive at the car (lets call it car 2) after
your week in the wilds with all the joys of really hiking, pack, tent, 
food, etc, you both get in, drive back to car 1, drive both cars back to
... sorry further on to your 2nd week's endpoint, leave car 2 here, drive
car 1 back to where you left off hiking, and start hiking again.  Stopping
in town as needed with either or both cars.  So you are still hiking in
one direction, just picking up and moving cars after each week's hike.
I use a week just as an approximation of how long you would go before
needing more food.  This assumes you don't get any "outside" help, unless
the ever-present unplanned crises happens (what would a "planned" crisis

I don't know if I've made that clearer or still less clear!  Oh well,
thanks for your replies anyway, you are a very patient group!!

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