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[at-l] ATC headquarters and misc. hiking


>Can anyone give me really specific info on how to get to the ATC
>headquarters in Harpers Ferry? I can't find any maps or addresses on the
>web. I really want to go this weekend and say hi!

There are only 2 major streets in Harpers Ferry.  As I recall, the
ATC is at the top of the hill on Washington St.  - but don't take that
as gospel, my memory isn't what it used to be.

>Also, has anyone here done the Big Blue Trail VA -> MD? I've seen maps
>and have also hiked a few miles of it in the Shenandoahs. Any info? I
>thought this would be a good choice for a hike during the spring to
>start to get back in shape.

We finished the Big Blue last year.  We'll talk to you about it this
weekend if you want.   There are a couple places you might like
to be warned about.

Walk softly - and watch out for the relos,

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