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In my mind, a viable option to a conventional hike is a 'road' hike.  Park
at road crossings, hike out and back, then sleep in your vehicle.  Yo-Yo-ing
(out and back) is not as boring or redundant as it may sound.  The trail
generally reveals itself differently each direction.

This 'long distance day hiking' concept may be best for people that are
segment hiking, or people that feel they could not finish a conventional hike.

We did  a lot of key exchange hikes last summer on the AT on Skyline Drive.
It was refreshing to have a nice hike on the AT and yet not worry about
shuttles or heavy packs etc. It was amazing that we saw very few people in
August. I know the thruhikers were gone but it was surprising that others
don't take advantage of the beautiful trail in that area.

I did get to see a bear on part of the trail. I heard a noise down over the
hill from the trail and looked over but didn't see anything right away. As I
continued I rounded a bend and could look back up on the hillside to where I
had been. There snuffling along was a young black bear. He didn't see me for
awhile but finally did and took off. I would rather see a bear than a snake.


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