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Re: [at-l] Pack Covers

Peter H. Fornof wrote:
> Hey, here is a piece of equipment we haven't talked about much before. I
> know some people use plastic trash bags for this but how many people
> actually use a commercial pack cover? I've had one that I bought from
> REI in the 70's and up until recently, it served me well. It was
> sticking together from mildew and had developed some really thin spots,
> so I decided to replace it.
> I looked around and saw that the ATC had a nice one with their logo and
> it was reversible with blaze orange. (good for hunting season, since I
> don't own anything close to blaze orange). Well, I got it today and it's
> nice alright, but it weighs a "ton". No, I haven't actually weighed it,
> but it feels heavy. Looks like it will last for many years.Anyone else
> use these things? I would just hate to have the contents of my pack get
> wet.

I bought mine from REI. The trash bag thing just doesn't work for me, they always rip
and hang on things and water ends up pooling up on it somewhere. I think you kinda
have to count on everything getting wet before it's all over, but this cover looks
like it'll do a great job minimizing the times that it happens. I figured the thing
would cost $10 or so, if I remember right it was at least $20.

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