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Re: [at-l] Weight Loss

> Will,
>   Finally, a question for you.  Are you going to try to climb occasionally
> while on the trail or just chuck it?  I would have a hard time not carrying
> at least my shoes and chalk bag (if not harness) since there are some great
> places to climb along the way and at least stay in shape with a little
> bouldering.  Though this may not make sense to most of the folks on this
> list (not being climbers and, therefore, not eternally damned with the
> "itch"), I will simply compare it to the movie-lover who stops at every
> theatre in the trail towns and would die with a "fix".
> Alan

Thanks for all the input Alan, it was exactly what I was looking for!

And to answer the question (that amazingly enough seems to be what all my friends are
asking me too) no, I just don't see the availability of bouldering opportunities
coming up often enough to carry the shoes, and the chalk bag would be a nigthmare
after it got wet.

I guess it's just one more sacrifice, I reallly wish I could travel the country and
climb all summer, but that requires more than time and money, it requires a partner!
I'm REALLY going to miss my guitars, I spend more time with them than doing anything

So let's see, I'm going to walk all day in all sorts of miserable weather, every day
for four months. Endure blisters, sore feet ankles knees and every other body part.
Starve myself, curse my gear, and sell my car to finance the whole deal. YUP! That's
what I want to do....June is right around the corner!

Will Strickland
"May the four winds blow you safely home..."
  -- Grateful Dead--
Internet: gt0556d@prism.gatech.edu

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