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[at-l] re: weight loss / dogs

Will - 

sounds a bit like me.  5'9", 135 standard.  over the year before i did my
thru, i gained mostly muscle weight in my legs and shoulders, starting the
trail at 145.  i finished at about 128 with more muscle gained in the legs
and everything lost in the upper body - yikes if you're a climber.

given your current physical activity and condition (esp 3-4% body fat) you
don't stand to lose a lot.  your metabolism is probably closer to a
thruhiker right now than many of the class of 97.  it's those folks who are
mostly sedentary (like me now :o  ) that will lose a lot of weight, mostly
body fat.

of course, weight loss is somewhat offset by how much food you are willing
to carry.  if you find yourself  constatntly hungry on the trail, consider
carrying more food.  and pig out in town.

BTW - this may also apply to your thruhiking dog.  don't forget to feed
them a little extra in town - they need to pig out too to resupply their
inner reserves.  a can of mighty dog must look awfully like a large
pepperoni pizza does to us.

ke kaahawe

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