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Re: [at-l] at-l Gu

Gail B. Johnson wrote:
> For dummies like me....what in the world is gu?
> Gail

No dummy...just lucky to have gone so far without having this pretend
food cross your path let alone cross your lips!

If their is a gu expert on the list please correct me.

Gu is a nutritional supplement...energy booster...semi liquid, 
comes in a tube which you squeeze into your mouth a la early astronauts.
Probably where the stuff came from...(how about it NASA folks ?).
I know that, IMVHO, being lost in space is probably one of the few 
scenerios which could bring me soooooo looooow as to the level of gu 
Mud has to taste better....certainly would go down easier

I'd be really surprised if there is any "real" food in it....sure
doesn't taste like there is...

Somebody tell me what the unflavored gu tastes like...just curious.

Please folks...if you are a gu sucker, get help. There are twelve step 
programs, that could help you.  Signed...concerned for your wellfare..
Seriously, just joking around. Please don't take offense.  Just sit back
and pity me for having no taste... err.. ahh... make that sense.
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