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[at-l] Gu and tarps and things

While Gu is not my favorite thing, it shu

re (oops, sure, I meant) hits
the spot around 9:30 am when your stomach is screaming and you don't
want to stop hiking to eat something.  Just suck it right down and
drink some water and I'm not hungry anymore.  Haven't tried the orange,
but the chocolate is kinda like frosting.

I am intrigues by the bivy-tarp combo.  How about adding mosquito netting
to keep the bugs out.  This is the main purpose for the tent on most of
my rather short (week-long) hikes, usually in June.  Lately, the tent
had been feeling like a sauna since my most recent hikes have been in
95 degree plus heat.  Would a bivy,netting,tarp arrangement weigh as
much as a tent??  My tent, a Sierra Designs "Bike Lite" - which they
don't make anyo
more, sleeps 2 and weighs 4lbs (free standing so I usually
only bring 4 stakes so I don't blow away).  By the way, I have managed to
get myself, hiking partner, and both our packs in it in a storm.  The packs
became footrests.  Only problem is the entrance is on the side, a bummer if
the inside person has to get up in the night.

Anyway--- anybody use a tarp and netting for warm weather?

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