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Re: [at-l] Re: Food Bars - critique?

kahlena wrote:
> Pete Fornof wrote:
>  I know, I'm aberrant. But many people out there think all backpackers 
> thru-hikers to be "aberrant". I sort of enjoy being that way.

> OOOps....by now most of you have noticed that I do have a basic 
> vocabulary.
> I know the meanings of words, can pronounce them correctly (I guess
> you'll have to take my word on that) and can use them in a sentence!
> What I can't do is spell them...this one was a doozey.
> In the phrase ...before you admit to the above abherant behavior,
> I was shooting for abhorant(sp?).. as in awful, disgusting, perverted. 
> Hey...maybe it was a typo!  Yeah..that's it.  Not my fault they put 
>the  e and the o so close to each other on the keyboard...;-).
> Anyway Pete..I've known for some time that you are aberrant....but
> now I know to what abhorant levels you will sink!  <<<VVBG>>>
> You have an excuse though....you_are_a_cyclist..nuff said!
> Uh-oh.....now I've done it!  ;-o                        Kahley
> PS..anyone know the URL for a freeware spell checker?  ;-)
> >
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