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[at-l] Good stuff cheap

 More on the 'cheap gear' topic.... NewBalance outlet in Lawrence MA hours
are 9-6 M-Sat and til 7 on thursdays.(on line at newbalence.com). Raniers in
the LLBean cat at $59 were 34.99 for instance. Running wear (Microloft ect.)
sneakers and such. Other outlets are in Brighton MA and Scowhegan ME.  Malden
Mills Outlet (for fabric such as Polartec and Windbloc) is open 10 to 3 M-F.
It's on Rt. 28 a few miles south from rt 213. If you can sew, or can beg, as
in my case, it's worth a visit. And Campmor is on line too, at campmor.com
with 'Special Sales' and a 'Special Deals Mailing List'. Beans has an outlet
store across the road from the main store in Freeport with good deal on last
seasons stuff, shop worn items, really small and really big sizes, ugly
prints, and overstocks. I like visting the big store ( I miss the Old Store)
and shopping at the outlet. But the 'cheapest' deal is sometimes is to not
lay out any dough at all. Borrowing and loaning is a nice option. Got a tent
to loan a friend? Does your Dad have a camera you can use?
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