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Re: [at-l] Re: Food Bars - critique?

>I also like cliff bars, although the espresso flavored ones >bear little
>or no resemblence to the flavor of espresso.
>E. George Oeser (aka Needles)

I will firmly second Needles' appreciation for Clif Bars. I hate powerbars
and their ilk, but I finally broke down and bought some Clif bars for a 3-day
trip last fall. I can never figure out what to eat for lunch, and since I was
going solo, I needed something quick. (I _hate_ to stop.) 

Well, two Clif bars and a handful of homemade teryaki beef jerky make a
wonderful lunch, as it turns out. I like the Berry, the Chocolate Espresso,
and the Apple Cherry. They are more like a big homemade cookie than an energy
bar, which makes them much more palatable for my old-fashioned taste-buds.

BTW, I don't think that I will ever let that goo stuff pass my lips. Sorry.

now of Winston-Salem, NC
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