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Re: [at-l] Re: Food Bars - critique?

kahlena wrote:
> Gene Cochran wrote:
> >
> > Some people may thing this is gross, but I kinda like the taste of Power
> > Bars..
> And so said a number of listers....much to my (gag) surprise!<<<VBG>>>
> We I guess you all_are 'hard core'.  But here's where push meets shove..
> Is there a hiker so brave to admit an affection for Gu (not to be
> confused with Goo Goos which are great pecan candy bars).
> Please note...before you admit to the above abherant behavior, doing
> so puts you 'over the edge' in my book and futher posts from you will
> be evaluated accordingly.    :-D             Kahley

Hey, the chocolate Gu is pretty good stuff, and the orange isn't too bad
either, although I haven't managed to get brave enough to try the
unflavored yet ;)
I also like cliff bars, although the espresso flavored ones bear little
or no resemblence to the flavor of espresso.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)
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