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Re: [at-l] Re: Food Bars - critique?

kahlena wrote:
> Gene Cochran wrote:
> >
> > Some people may thing this is gross, but I kinda like the taste of Power
> > Bars..
> And so said a number of listers....much to my (gag) surprise!<<<VBG>>>
> We I guess you all_are 'hard core'.  But here's where push meets shove..
> Is there a hiker so brave to admit an affection for Gu (not to be
> confused with Goo Goos which are great pecan candy bars).
> Please note...before you admit to the above abherant behavior, doing
> so puts you 'over the edge' in my book and futher posts from you will
> be evaluated accordingly.    :-D             Kahley

Well Kahley, 

I guess I"m aberrant. Again, I do Gu on my bike. Last summer I went on a
liquid diet and lost 70 lbs. I was totally without energy. I entered a
bike race called the Tour du Donut where you are required to stop and
eat as many donuts as you can. The more donuts you eat, the more time
that is subtracted from your overall time. Well, having lost all that
weight, I didn't want to get back on the road to obesity by chowing on
donuts. So, I drank my liquid diet stuff (tasted like paint) and started
the race. I wasn't going to stop and eat donuts! Well, it was a 30 mile
race and the "paint" stuff just wasn't making it. I could feel my body
"bonking". I was wobbling all over the road like a drunk and I had
passed the last donut stop. I remembered that I had some year-old Gu in
my saddle bag, so I stopped and dug it out. I sucked the stuff down and
at that point, it was the best tasting stuff I had ever had. Within 10
minutes or so, I felt great and finished the race. I didn't place too
bad either, considering I didn't eat any donuts. 

Now, I wouldn't eat the stuff for dessert at home, but it's not that bad
on the bike. I haven't taken it hiking, but I bet it will work when it's
the end of the day and you have a 2,000 elevation gain in 2 miles to
complete the hike. Same thing as my prior post on PowerBars. Heck, most
of the stuff I take backpacking, I wouldn't think of eating at home.
Believe it or not, I even ate Spam on a trip. Buddy of mine brought it
and cooked it for breakfast. It sure tasted better than oatmeal (after
having eaten that stuff for four consecutive mornings). I know, I'm
aberrant. But many people out there think all backpackers and especially
thru-hikers to be "aberrant". I sort of enjoy being that way.

Peter H. Fornof
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