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Re: [at-l] Re: Warranties

I think I've already made these comments back in September right after I
got back from my thru-hike, but I'll recap a few points here regarding some
of the companies that did good/bad to myself and a few of my closer hiking
partners during the 96 season...

Patagonia - excellent - no questions asked replacement on long underwear,
baggies shorts, etc.  They even talked a snooty store in Rangely Maine to
exchange my shorts for me against the will of the overly-self-importnat
store owner who only wnted to deal with people doing $$$ purchases - quite
the yuppie store... (two thumbs up - I'd give them more if I could)

BLack Diamond - lots of problems with their trekking poles and no help from
them - their comment was that their poles weren't meant for that kind of
use, and the fact that the tips split and I wore down the shafts about 5"
did not interest them at all (two thumbs down)

MSR - they totally rebuilt my Whisperlite replacing a whole number of parts
for $5 (shipping charge they said)  excellent sevice - 2 thumbs up

Mountain Hardwear - shipped me an extra tent pole overnight to Nantahala
Outdoor center for next to nothing.  nice people very helpful and
accomodating (1-1/2 thumbs up)

PUR - very helpful telephone staff - were able to solve all my problems
over the phone and were giving out free filter replacements at Trail Days
(one thumb up)

One Sport - basically the worst warrentee experience I had on the trail -
almost everyone I talked to who started with One Sport Morraines had to hav
them replaced within a few weeks - really shiity boots.  Mine held out most
of the hike and then fell apart - One Sport didn't want to do anything with
them - told me they were worn out.  Now for $250-$300 for a pair of boots,
I certainly hope that they soles wear out before the uppers - not the case
on my boots - still had tread on them, but the uppers were falling apart
(especially the lining inside).  two thumbs down (more if I could).

Leki poles - everyone seemed happy with the customer support (though not
having had any myself, cannot say first-hand) - no-one complained about
them at least.

Overall opinions...

I was pretty much a Patagonia fan before hand, but since the hike, I really
was VERY impressed with the support and service they gave me.  I think it
is defeinitely worth the extra $$$ to get that sort of support.

The story with the boots convinced me that warrentee policies change from
year to year.  One SPort had a no-questions asked policy a few years before
I thru-hiked and was one of the reasons I bought a pair of One SPorts...
needless to say I was very disappointed with the outcome of my problems.  I
know Asolo and Raichle were alot more helpful and pretty much sent
replacement boots without even wanted to see the old boots first.

In general, I had few equipment problems, my tent held out very well, so
did my pack, and my sleeping bag (down) was superb (never got wet even
though I hiked through Bertha for 10 hours)...


Nomad "96

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