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[at-l] post thru-hike

The message posted by Dean today got me to thinking (uh-oh...).  He wrote:

> I thru hiked the AT in '95 from
>April 21 to Oct 27.  It was an incredible experience which has altered the
>way I view life.  I am still trying to adjust my life to be more in keeping
>with that view.

All you GA->ME '96-ers out there, how have you adjusted to being back in the
"real world" (so to speak).  I'm interested in hearing about the timeline
for all the basic adjustments:  sleeping in a bed, showering, eating real
food, etc.  But I'm more interested in knowing  about the changes that may
have occurred in whatever "life view" or philosophy you developed out there.
It seems that most thru-hikers develop a new way of looking at things that
works for them on the trail, but have  you had to make major adjustments --
or have you even been able to adjust it?  

Sorry for the philosophical twist all of a sudden...I'm in one of THOSE moods!

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