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[at-l] Gear Warranties

I know we all want our gear to last forever and I am all for getting gear
replaced when it wears out prematurely, but I must say that I can see this
problem from the manufacturer's viewpoint as well.  I recall reading one
post where someone was expecting their boots to be replaced after 10 years
of wear. Now unless they came with a lifetime warranty (something I haven't
seen), I would say that is asking a bit much.
Unfortunately, enough of those incidents cause a manufacturer to become
somewhat skeptical and it's about that time that a person with a real
problem calls in. I don't know what the cost to the manufacturer is, but I
would bet it is more than they care to admit (and I realize the cost to them
if they have loads of negative publicity).  

I guess this short outburst is some lingering affliction from my former life
of pouring over budgets trying to find that last dime of profit - no wonder
I live on top of a mountain now!


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