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Re: [at-l] b...of society

you're not going to let me off easy are you, kurt. let see, these are 
my personal views and observations shaped by own experiences- isn't 
ones reality an extention of ones experience? for me, the present 
creation of government is for the welfare of its citizens- a good 
example is the family leave act. now, i'm not talking about a welfare 
state (however, i can remember when with the technological revolution 
it was said people would be paid not to work- like a labor bank), i'm 
talking about government investing quality in its citizens, not give 
aways. it's very similar to the loyality one feels toward a 
manufactuer who will back his equipment 100% if it fails. i think most 
people are mainly concerned with their immediate lives, not what is 
going on in state capitals and congress. i also think that many people 
don't realize how close to the edge they really are, and it's a real 
edge.  i'm not really against business, i think technology and 
competion produce better products. i just don't think the business of 
government is business. will rogers once said: we have the finest 
government money can buy.

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