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[at-l] Poison Ivy Relief

There are several portions on the trail where it is difficult to avoid poison
ivy growing on,near or encroaching on the footpath.  I found it very dense in
Pennsylvania and northern Virginia. Further south it may be bad, but the leaves
of three weren't out for me to see.  For those of you who react easily to the
oil of this plant, there is a new product coming out shortly which might be of
interest.  Previously, a spread called Tecnu was reported to be very effective.
I work in the pharmaceuticals industry, and read the following news blurb in a
September '96 publication:

OTC poison ivy/oak/sumac protectant approved in US:  The US FDA has approved
EnviroDerm Parmaceuticals' IvyBlock lotion (bentoquatam 5%), an OTC skin
protectant against poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.  IvyBlock is the
first available product for prophylaxis against rash and itch associated with
these plants.  The lotion is applied at least 15 minutes before possible
contact, and re-applied every 4 hours.  Initial distribution efforts will target
individuals at occuptional risk, such as outdoor and forestry workers, utlity
employees, and members of the armed forces. IvyBlock will be launched within
three to six months, at asuggested retail price of under $10 per four-ounce
bottle  EnviroDerm Pharmaceuticals, based in Louisville,KY, is a research-based
company owned by United Catalysts.

Sir Goober Peas

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