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[at-l] Weight Loss

All this talk about weight loss has me a little apprehensive. I expect to loose some weight, but I'm a
rock climber as a first sport, I wrestled in High school and college and have a body type typical of
these sports, great strength to weight ratio in the upper body, small legs, and I carry about 3-4% body
fat, very very low. My training for my hike at present includes getting out to hike as much as possible
with a loaded pack on the AT here in GA, and I'm trying to put some muscle mass on my quads and
hamstrings (leg bi's). I'm also trying to actually gain weight be it fat or muscle, but I train on the
stairmaster during my endurance phases of working out (I use a pyramid training system for muscle
development based on cycling through three cycles every 8-9 weeks one each of endurance, then strength,
then power, then back to endurance) and I still work out my upper body three days a week and climb
another day or two a week.  This makes it hard to gain any weight.

I am currently at 5'8" weighing about 135. I hope to get my body weight up to 150 before I hit ME in
June. The lowest body weight I've carried since I quit growing was about 119, this was just after I
completed basic cadet training at the US Air Force academy (I transfered to Ga Tech shortly after) but
even though I was definitely underweight (I mean I wrestled at 125 and it was tough my senior year to
make weight, I didn't always make weight) I was in amazing shape, after getting acclimated and running
5-7 miles per day at 7000 ft. I came home to GA and could do 8-10 miles (running that is) without a

So the question is, at what point should I really start worrying about my weight dropping too low? Am I
just worrying because the thread came up, or do you think I have a legit concern?

Will -Antelope-  ME->GA '97 (152 days to go)
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