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[at-l] Re: Vasque boots

It was good to know that we are not alone in our dislike of Vasque's boot
service.  My husband's Skywalker II's began to come unsewed by the bend in
the toe behind the toe box.   I called Vasque and was told to take them back
to where we got them. So we took them to REI recently and were told to take
them to a Redwing dealer or we could send them into their cobbler to have
them sewed (for money of course).  Finally the customer service rep at REI
told us that if we had them sent in to Vasque that they would give us maybe
$15 towards a new pair of boots.  Whoopee!!  So we just bit the bullet and
sent them to REI's cobbler.  If they come unsewed again or we have further
problems I think we will be writing nasty letters to Vasque too!

IL Fltlndr
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