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[at-l] RE:Trail mix

Felix <AThiker@smithville.net> writes:

> Does trail mix go bad? I've got some California mix that I've had for
> some time and it still feels soft and smells good. Just wondering.

If it's not moldy or been nibbled by critters it's probably ok.  The local
Kroger gorp dept. has a good selection, and I like to mix the various
formulas.  "Tropical trail mix" is nice for summer or getting
temperature-cycled in vehicles, because it contains nothing that melts.
In cold weather I like to include a lot of chocolate-covered raisins.

from rec.backcountry:

GNURDS - Goodies Nibbled Under Really Desperate Situations, e.g. chocolate
chips separated from pocket lint.

--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu
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