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Re: [at-l] IRC and web chat

Charles W. Davidson wrote:
> A bunch of us made it onto IRC EFNET  #AT last night from 8:00 to about
> midnight. It was really nice to finaly meet some of the group on IRC. We
> played with the many features of IRC talked about gear....you name it.
> Perhaps we will meet again tonight.

I found it very easy to download, set up, and get into the "AT" chatroom
on efnet. I am not a techie on the computer, so this is saying
something. However, I got in several times last night and no one was
there. Same on Thursday night. I'll continue to check periodically. I
normally use AOL, which has a great chatroom, but realize that many on
the at-l list don't have AOL and would like to chat with other at-lers.
I would encourage people to go to the Mirc page and download the
software and give it a try. The url was posted in an earlier message. 

Peter H. Fornof
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