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Rachel, et al,,,


   It's a little late to worry about losing much if any weight in the next
two months. I suspect you might do more harm than good. Granted the less
excess body weight, the less wear and tear on the leg joints. If you are
excessively over weight, I suggest you reduce the starting mileages per day
(5 - 8 miles; yes, you'll won't hit all the shelters, be ready to camp).
Allow your body to reduce itself as you become trail hardened. If after
about three or four weeks that you're not able to bring your mileages up to
12 - 15 miles per day, it may be time to rethink your plans; maybe section

At 09:04 AM 1/17/97 -0800, Ronald Moak wrote:
>I'm no expert on weight and physical fitness, but here's my .02.  If you
are in generally
>good heath, the trail will take care of your weight and conditioning.  The
key is that
>the more over weight and out of shape you are at the start, the slower
you'll be able
>walk and the fewer miles per day.  Excessive weight will be hard on joints
and feet.
>When we hiked we were not out of shape or overweight and it still took over
a month
>of hiking to get fully conditioned to the trail plus we still lost over 30
pounds each.
>This time (20 years later) we are overweight and out of shape. I know that
any attempt
>to hiking in my current condition would probably fail in a week.  As a
result our goal
>is to lose a bunch a weight and walk a few hundred miles on our treadmill
to get
>into shape.
>We'll still do everything to keep our pack weight down and we'll lose a few
more pounds
>when we get on the trail.
>If you're less than 30 pounds overweight and in good condition, do sweat it
(you will on the
>the trail).  At first you'll be able to hike more days with less food in
your pack.  When
>we finished the trail we had a hard time carrying more than four days of
food because
>we ate so much.
>Hope that helps.
>Ron Moak
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