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[at-l] IRC and web chat

A bunch of us made it onto IRC EFNET  #AT last night from 8:00 to about
midnight. It was really nice to finaly meet some of the group on IRC. We
played with the many features of IRC talked about gear....you name it.
Perhaps we will meet again tonight.
	I had a low of 10.9 last night here in south central Virginia. Its 14
now at 8:00am.
	Mirc and Pirch (irc programs) are each only about 1.5 megabyts in size.
For WEB chat my A.T. Chat page is simple to operate. YOu now can add a 
link to your nickname or link your email to your nickname. To link mail
just add Mailto:  to your email address. Example: 
mailto:cdavidso@neocomm.net  When you hit the get Handle button
(nickname) you will see the appropriate box for this info.


http://www.neocomm.net/~cdavidso/chat.html    Appalachian Trail Talk

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