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[at-l] Would be chatters...

Warning...Warning..this was posted pre coffee!!!!!!!

Sorry folks had trouble...Felix, James and I made it in and had a good,
if confusing, chat.  It did seem very crowded with what I assume, were 
the 'regulars'. I'm speaking of James's geo site. Perhaps there is a 
capacity limit that denied access when it was full.  The site works 
fairly smoothly with some neat gimmicks like options on how you words 
are 'spoken' ....James shouts at Kahley. Kahley whispers to Felix. etc. 
Probably takes some practice to use to it's fullest.  And  you must 
click 'chat' to update and see new text even if you haven't said 

The second site was empty.....looks like a prime target for an AT-L
takeover.  Here I refer to the Go West chat site.  Again.some gimmicks 
like choosing a logo...deer, frog, bear , etc, or nothing, to go with 
your messages....and it seems to work better if you can accomadate the 
'frames' option.  Since it seems this room, 'Off the Beaten Path' is
just that...no crowd of regulars..it would be a good place to meet.
Again, you have to click update or submit...I forget which..to see new
chat whether you say something or not....

I'd like to try the IRC thing but I'm worried about HD room .
Anyone know how much space it takes...

Also...if you already have an ISP...AOL has a pricing plan for unlimited
hours for 9.95.  AOL has chat down pat (smooth and fast)....and the chat 
room at Backcountry Mag is usually buzzing with people actually talking 
about hiking.  Plus creating a private room on Aol is super easy....

Sorry I missed you all....Nomad, I checked back in but you had left! :-(
Anyone who wants to try again let me know..I love to talk....
Big surprise huh <<VBG>>		Kahley 
			who's outta here as soon as she gets some coffee
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