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[at-l] re: product warrantees/asolo

Raven wrote:
>> asolo was totally unresponsive to little debbie's pleas when her boots
>> delaminated after 600 miles.  (we no longer buy from them)
>I am surprised to hear this. I have a pair of Asolo AFX 520s (do they
>even make these anymore?), that I loooooove! I have heard alot of
>support on rec.backcountry who have had Asolo replace boots no questions
>asked when they fell apart of the trail.
>When was this ordeal with Asolo? I heard about the Vasque fiasco, and
>frankly I don't think I'd buy their boots based on that. :P

this was in 92.  

if you know of good experiences since then, we'd love to hear.  miriam's
feet are long and narrow, and asolo is far and away the best fit for her.
we've had a helluva time fitting boots for her since then (you can tell how
pissed off we were that we still go through all this trouble instead of
breaking down and buying asolos).

better yet, don't wait till next year, get out and thru hike this year and
let us know how asolo treats you.  you'll do that for us, won't you?
thanks   :)

ke kaahawe
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