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[at-l] Re: Good Customer Support

Chalk up another "Kelty is awesome" story.  They replaced my shoulder 
straps no questions asked.  I called on Wednesday afternoon at 4PM.  The 
woman apologized that she couldn't overnight mail them until the next 
morning so I would have to wait until Friday.  But my whole intention was 
to use my duct tape solution for another week and have the straps in the 
next town.  She said that would be great too.

Now a more general comment: It is in these companies' best interests to 
provide good product support.  Customer loyalty and word of mouth means 
a lot to their business.  On top of that, people ask long-distance 
hikers about their equipment -- a lot.  Now I've told my Kelty story 
hundreds of times.  Would they have preferred I told the, "they told me 
to suck it up and handle it myself" story?

HOWEVER, that is no excuse for long-distance hikers to expect 
extraordinary treatment.  We don't pay any more for the equipment than 
anybody else.  I don't think we should ever stop being amazed and extra 
grateful when a company sends free equipment through general-delivery mail.

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