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Re: [at-l] Re: IRC

MManzano@aol.com wrote:
> <<Then you just type along to converse with your fellow AT-L'ers. :)
> Once you get that far, to get on an EFnet server, you type /server
> irc.ionet.net or whatever server you want to use.
> Then to join the AT channel, you type /join #AT. >>
> I get to the screen where I have to pick an efnet - the AOL server is already
> highlighted, and there are about 10-15 others.  I picked AOL and did the
> "join AT" thing.  I was all alone on the chat.  Does it matter which efnet
> server you pick, i.e., will all those asking to join #AT get to the same
> place?

No, it doesn't matter which EFnet server you use, all of them will let
you talk to other EFnet servers. If you were the only one on #AT, then
it is very likely that no one else was there. If anyone else was using
EFnet and did /join #AT, you should have seen him/her.

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