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[at-l] re: integral designs and product warantees

jeff -

do you have a number and/or website for Integral Designs?  stuff sounds

here's my experience with a few companies regarding warantees:

in 92, vasque was having so many problems with their boots, they TURNED OFF
their 800 #  :(   thruhikers were not happy.

asolo was totally unresponsive to little debbie's pleas when her boots
delaminated after 600 miles.  (we no longer buy from them)

msr was awsome to me - sent a new filter pump head no questions asked after
mine developed a crack.

one sport was awesome to me.  their boots also had a delam problem, but
they took the position that they were responsible for fixing it!  imagine
that!  they sent me 3 pairs of boots over 1000 miles - the last pair i
still have and are going strong.

jansport was awesome for smokey.  he had a 10-year old denali(?) model that
broke before erwin.  air mailed him an equivalent replacement for no
charge, no questions asked.

mountainsmith was good for the falling rock patrol.  all three had the new
elites in 92, all three busted through at the top of the stays.  mtnsmith
sent them demo packs to use while they repaired the elites.  elites were
fine the rest of the way.

dana was good for little debbie - sent her a smaller waist belt for her

ems, ll bean and rei also stand behind the products they sell.  ll bean
hand delivered two pairs of boots to shaws after they forgot to overnight
them (4 hr drive each way).  we love ll bean :)

(thanks for the IRC info, jeff.  had some problems last night, but finally
got on late - everyone was gone!  when's the next session?)

ke kaahawe

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