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Re: [at-l] Cheap gear

Diana ^(raven)^ wrote:
> I was considering making a silk liner for my bag. It's rated 20 degrees,
> but I have yet to put that to the test. 
The silk liner might be a real good idea. It will add significantly
to the lower end of the temp rating ... Shouldn't be too heavy ...
And, you just might want to only use the liner w/o the bag in the 
summer. (I love multiple use gear.)

btw, I think that i remember from an earlier post that we have the
same 20 degree bag - SD's Lite n UP?? I have put it to the test at 
about 25 degrees and it was acceptable. Next time I will wrap my 
poncho around it though. I prefer toasty & cozy to "acceptably

> Also, do you think a 20 degree bag is sufficient? Or do you need to go
> lower for the "cold end" of the AT (ie early spring in the Smokies)?

Mine WILL work for me, YMMV. Just how many bags do you have the money 
to buy???

Stay warm
bob ga>me 97
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