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[at-l] Re: Old Man Winter?

Trailfiend@aol.com wrote:

> 1) My pack is a faithful Kelty Super Tioga. We've been together for years.
> But, we've never been together for anything like 2,000 miles! The pack is
> superbly comfortable on me, even when loaded for winter trips (with all the
> extra fuel, clothing, food, etc.). But, I noticed Campmor has the Gregory
> Shasta and Massif on sale... Should I trade up before venturing northward? Or
> should I save those pennies for the trail fund (which, BTW, is kind of meager
> at this point) and other expenses?

I'd save your bucks, if you're pinched.  I don't think there's any such
thing as the "perfect" gear for the hike, & if this pack fits you & is
in good shape, it'll do.  Then you'll have cash left over for the towns.

- The Priest
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