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Re: [at-l] Tarps and Bivy Sacks...

>Any east coasters have experience with this set up?  This is >sort of what I
>was thinking of for a light weight, flexible arrangement >(maybe with the
>addition of mosquito netting in the summer!)...

Yes, I've used a tarp while backpacking on the East Coast. I don't have a
bivy sack (yet), but I use a 9x9 foot tarp (Campmor, about 20 oz) and a
plastic ground cloth, and don't get too wet. I also use a polarguard bag, for
now, but that will be replaced (soon, I hope) with a good down bag and a

I've found that I can lower the tarp enough that it will keep me dry in
really heavy wind/rain, though I'd rather not spend several days under it
that way. But in the sort of long, steady rains we get here, I can stay dry
and comfortable, I can cook while lying in my bag, and I've got room for
_all_ my gear.

For summer use, a mosquito net over the bag is a good idea. I've seen
somebody rig a large net as a sort of wall/door, to keep bugs out completely
(so they can sit up and watch the sunset, or whatever). I haven't tried that.

I think that the goretex bivy/winter bag combo with a good tarp should work
well for winter around here, too.

ALSO moving to North Carolina, like tomorrow
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