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RE: Ranting fron the Radical Left (was: [at-l] Itinerary/Safety)

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> Date: Thursday, 16-Jan-97 09:32 AM
> From: Jim Owen                 \ Internet:    
> To:   Kurtis Kirsch            \ Internet:    
> Subject: RE: Ranting fron the Radical Left (was: [at-l] Itinerary/Safety)
> Kurtis -
> In theory, I might agree with you, but as a practical matter I'd like to
> your opinion AFTER someone has shoved a .45 in your face and pulled the
> trigger because he didn't like the color of your skin.  Or maybe after 5
> homeless drunks decide to "teach you a lesson" cause you won't give them
> money. Or after a couple people try to hijack your truck - with the
> intent of leaving no witnesses.   I'm not talking theory - just personal
> experience.  It's not the weapons that are the problem, my friend - it's
> people.
> Walk softly - but keep that big stick handy,
> Jim
> >
> >Violence, all violence is wrong.  If you can justify one act of violence,
> >you justify all violence.  The preceding statement is my personal
> >

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While no one has actually pulled the trigger with a gun up to my head, (I'm
not typing this from the grave, to my knowledge) I have had a couple of
guns pulled on me.  One was a cop, and I did something foolish, I reached
into my back pocket to show him that there was a flashlight in there, and
not a gun.  I should of just 'assume the position', and let him find it at
his own leisure.  You learn from your mistakes, or you die from them,

Another time, a drug dealer stole my glasses off my face, (I guess 'cuz he
liked them), and when I didn't immediately run away, he pulled out his gun,
and told me to get lost.  I never like it when people tell me what to do,
so, without thinking, I began to tell him off.  I ended my tirade with: 
"what's a stupid motherf**cker, like you gonna do with my prescription
sunglasses anyway, 'cuz you definitely ain't gonna see shit thru them, cuz
I'm blind as a bat."  I got lucky, instead of shooting me, he threw my
glasses at me, which brought up a big welt on my cheek.  I picked them up,
and walked away.  I basically provided entertainment for him, and his

The day after thanksgiving, I went hiking along the NJ/NY border on the AT.
After a few days on the firing line, I was so gun shy, that I even greeted
obvious non-hunters with: "I'm not a deer!"   So, in answer to you, Jim, is
that I'll definitely react without thinking.  I'm just gonna be me,
regardless of the situation, which will mean that I'll probably do
something stupid.  If I go off, half cocked, the only damage I could do is
hurt someones' feelings, if someone carrying a weapon goes off, half cocked
. . . .  I do agree that weapons can do no harm, unless there is a human
somewhere in the equation, however, I believe that if we can't, or won't
evolve past our violent ways, we have no future as a people.  

If, by some magic, we woke up tomorrow and there were no more weapons on
the entire planet, there would still be violence, but before we could start
manufacturing weapons, there would be a period where the majority of the
planet would be weapon-free [except for the MacGyver types : )]  People,
who want to commit violent acts would have to use their bear hands to
commit violent acts.  It would be easier for others to break up a fight
with no weapons involved, than if weapons were present.  Hunting would
become a real sport with no weapons.  Just think of the TV ratings of a
show that presented to the viewing public:  Man/Deer The Battle of the
Woodlands.  Hunting without weapons, at least Bambi would stand a fighting

Please take most of what I've written for a lame attempt at humor.  What I
would do in any hypothetical situation, is purely hypothetical.  I do
believe that meeting violence with violence, means that violence wins.  I
only hope that when the chips are down that I can live up to my own ideals.

		have fun (and when I'm hiking, I carry two large sticks),


There were days,
there were days,
there were days, I know.
When all we ever wanted,
was to learn and love and grow.
When we grew into our shoes,  
we told them where to go.
Walked halfway around the world,
on promise of the glow
Stood upon a mountain top.
Walked barefoot in the snow.
Gave all we had to give,  
how much we'll never know, . . . . never know.
                                 Robert Hunter           

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