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Re: [at-l] Tibet/Nepal

Thomas B. Greene wrote:
> Hey all,
> Kind of a strange request for this list, but it appears likely I will be traveling to
> China for an extended vacation next year.  Anyone on the list ever done treking or
> backpacking in Tibet or Nepal (or anywhere in that area)?  I'm in the very early
> stages of planning, so any information on making such a journey would be helpful.
> Thanks!

Hi Tom,
When I lived in Italy in the '70s I had some friends that went to Nepal 
for about six months. I would have loved to have gone along but I had 
used up all of my vacation in Northern Africa and Europe. Too bad...

One of the young ladies in thr group contracetd hepatitis presumeably
from the food or utensils. She nearly died. Medical care in Nepal isn't
even close to what Europeans have. I won't comment on the differences
between European health care and what we get here in the good ol' USA.

Anyway, since Ornella was an Italian citizen the Italian Air Force 
Medivaced her. If they haden't, she would have been buried in Nepal.

Lessons learned:
Arm yourself with knowledge concerning food handling & preparation 
and general hygeine practices in the third world.
Don't expect medical care that even remotely resembles the care you 
recieve now.
Make sure you always have that return ticket home.
Discretion is the better part of valor - Enjoy your trip.

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