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[at-l] Just some info

In our continuing quest just to get to Katahdin, we
can add the following information. After trying several
numbers listed in a number of publications without
much luck we stumbled across this. In Bangor there is
a taxi service called Town Taxi that will take us from
Bangor to Katahdin Stream campground for $134, Alison says
she believes the person said that was for up to four people,
but we can't verify that as Alison only asked about 2 .
The number is 207-945-5671 . The person there told Alison
they would also pickup in Baxter or anywhere between there and
Bangor. We haven't decided whether we are going to use them or
not but at least it is an option . The one thing we don't
know is if this Town Taxi is the same one listed in some
of the publications. Anyone have a clue if it is ?. 

More Baxter info , thanks to Dick "WIXeR" for the phone
numbers, we were able to talk to a couple of rangers at
Baxter, and you are right, Dick, they are very friendly and
helpful people. We had mailed in our reservations for Katahdin
Stream campground on the first day you could, and we were
ohh, let's just say anxious about getting them, so we called,
once he stopped laughing, he was able to tell us that at
the time of year we are requesting reservations that he didn't
think there would be "any" problem. From the sarcastic tone in his
voice, we must be in for a "wonderful" time . He did express alittle
concern about the cold weather until we told him where we live, and
then he said "oh, you guys are coming here to warm up ", of course
we did mention that at the moment just about anywhere is warmer than
here .
To ramble about cold.... , as I sit here in my office looking out the
window I place my finger on the pane of glass, and am amazed that
on the other side of that pane of glass it is almost 100 degrees
colder than this side . 

Keep warm.

erehwon and erehwyna 

ME to GA '97 (REXX ,the dinosaur, says leaving in 2,917 hours 52 minutes) 

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