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Re: [at-l] Reason for thru-hiking

Dean -
That's probably the best explanation I've heard.  It's the
same explanation - and almost the same words - that
Ginny uses.  But most people don't understand it.

Walk softly,

>I've had the same experience of trying to explain, even to myself, the
>purpose of these long-distance hikes. It's certainly not to put another notch
>on my hiking stick. Nor is it because it's "fun." (If I thought that, I'd
>never get a week up the trail.) For me, (this is my latest take on the
>question) thru-hiking is a complex issue with many fundamental purposes and
>benefits. I think the chief  one is the feeling I get of being completely
>aware of being alive. Life on the trail is intense . . . the hunger, the
>pain, the excitement, the longing, the accomplishment. At home, whole days go
>by, and I can't tell you what I've done. It's as though I'm sleeping through
>life. On the trail, every hour is lived fully and memorably. It all gets
>scrambled around in the brain over time, but I still feel that I was truly,
>completely alive during each hour I spent on the trail.

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