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[at-l] HOTEL FOR H.F.

I just got off the phone with the Hilltop House in
Harper's Ferry.  I was trying to make reservations
for Marty, Firefly, and myself.  They quoted me a room price
of $65 for a "Traditional" (whatever that is)  and $80 for a
"Family Room" that would fit 4 people.  When I inquired about
hiker rates, the woman explained that the hiker rooms weren't
available yet.  I mentioned that we might have a fairly large
group of hikers coming into H.F. that weekend and she
offered the possibility of working out group rates with
the manager.

How many people would be interested in staying at the Hilltop
House?  If we can get enough people willing to share rooms
maybe we can get a good deal.

If you're interested, please email me with the number of people
in your party and I'll see what kind of discount we can work out.
It'd be kinda nice if we could all stay in the same place
Saturday night.  I'd like to make the reservations by Friday, 01/17
or Monday, 01/20 at the latest.

63 days to Springer!

'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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