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Re: [at-l] Cotton ain't so bad?

Michael MacLean (BackRest) wrote:
> I was cross-country skiing today, getting ready for my AT trip in March.
> I was wearing two cotton t's with a fleece outer layer, and I was totaly
> drenched (no doubt).  However, I had a pair of polyester (50%), cotton 50%
> long johns on, and no problem.  My outer-pant shell was GoreTex.  I was
> wondering if anyone had any ideas on cotton/synthetic blend liner clothing.
>  As long as there is a breathable outer layer, would the blend clothing be
> appropriate.  (Temp was -20C/-4F, no precipitation)
> Mike MacLean

Hey Backrest!
Cotton is great in the summer, in the tropics.
Just ask those half dozen or so Ranger trainees who died in 
Florida from hypothermia when the temperature was in the 40's.

I do use cotton, and I love the feel. There seems to be almost no
comparison to synthetics... but. In Autum & Spring make a
conscious effort to be safe. (Winter & Cotton don't mix at all).
Carry a change or two. Only wear it when you know that you know
that you can get in the warm (ie. a heated building) as soon as 
the chill comes. 

Remember, it only takes one mistake to screw up your hike.

ga>me 97
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