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Re: [at-l] Cheap gear

kahlena wrote:
> I'm not looking to start a fuss with this but....alot of the clothes
> featured for hiking and winter sports, like anything else, _can_cost
> a mint.  I can't afford even 1/4 mint so I do it on the cheap.
snip snip snip
> ...anyone else
> have any cheap stuff to recommend?  I'd be especially interested
> in rain gear that costs less that a tent<<<grin>>>.  Kahley

Hi Kahley.
I too have been known to be "frugal". But sometimes cheap for cheap's
sake just doesn't work out. Buying el-cheapo three times can often be
more expensive than getting top shelf stuff once. Ya gotta look for 
value. (But that doesn't mean paying for a label ;).)

I kinda mix & match. Inexpensive where I can, bite the bullet where I 

Where and how you shop is also important. I rarely pay full price.
Watch for sales, good places to buy like Sierra Trading Post or 
Campmor. Then, never, never forget to ASK for a discount. You'll be 
suprised at how many merchants will say "is 10% ok??". (Are you using
the ATC's maps & guide books? Did you get 'em on "special", pick them
up used, or get soaked full price?)

Concerning rain gear...
It depends upon what you are comfortable with.
I use I use rather expensive (but much cheaper than g-tex) polyester
microfiber shells by TNF. I also carry a $30 military poncho for 
greater versatility. 
I rarely get wet unless want to, or if I'm fording. And I stay 
comfortable in hot or cold weather.
I can also make my 20 degree bag comfortable to about 10 by using it
as a vapor barrier.

I guess stewardship is the point, do the best you can with what you got.

ga>me 97
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